About Us

LED Lease
LED Lease is an independent sourcing organization for lease, rent and hire-to-purchase of retrofit LED lights and LED fixtures for the professional market. We source high quality LED lights from multiple suppliers in Asia, Europe and the US, with whom we have solid partnerships and long lasting relationships. We are a respected source for comparison of LED lights, and can advise our customers on suitable lighting options for their business space.
LED Lease serves both large scale professional clients, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, and parking garages, as well as lighting professionals, who can retail our services to their clients. This provides them with the opportunity to offer a competitive and risk free solution to customers who are ready to adopt efficient and clean LED lighting technology.
Our professional customers are ‘heavy users’ of lighting applications, using large numbers of incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps. By switching to more efficient and durable LED lighting, they can immediately decrease energy usage by 50-70%. This saves costs, reduces CO2 emission and benefits our environment.

The LED Lease concept
Despite the obvious advantages, many professional end users are hesitant when considering investments in LED applications. The quality of LED products varies widely, which makes them difficult to assess. Also, the investments in LED are relatively high, promised payback periods are long or unclear, and price developments of LED applications are uncertain.
LED Lease addresses these concerns. We offer only the best quality LED retrofit lamps – tube lights, bulbs, downlights, spotlights – in a rent or lease contract. Our customers can switch to LED without any quality risks. Total lighting costs immediately decrease, there is no investment or pay-back period, and lamps will be replaced at no cost should they fail.